TIANJIN GOLDEN MOUNTAIN TRADE CO.,LTD is founded in 1998 and headquartered in Tianjin,China, 1.5 hours from Beijing International Airport.

The company is a clothing company integrating R&D and production. It owns 2 factories named FORTUNATEMAN TIANJIN CO.,LTD,

which is located in China, and GMT GARMENT FACTORY CO.,LTD ,which is located in Yangon Myanmar. 

It has continued to develop and grow its production capacity with a workforce currently exceeding 700 workers. 

Our second Myanmar factory in now under construction and plan to operate by year 2020.It can be accommodated for 45 sewing lines maximum.

The factories are experts to produce cloths ranging from sports, performance, workwear to lifestyle apparels. We also have obtained BSCI and RDS certifications.

With a unique design, continuous innovation technology, stable quality and flexible production cycle, 

GMT have established lasting corporations and partnerships with our customers.


 Our company is committed to the expansion of the international market, with a special international trade 

development team-Department of International Trade. 

To provide professional services to customers all over the world, is a familiar with the 

international market and international trade processes of the rapid response of the professional team.

 Can provide customers from style development, fabric development, production and manufacturing, storage and 

transportation logistics entire supply chain integration services.


We are committed to the development and production of clothing samples for different types of customers’ needs and differentiated services. 

The sample room is located at Tianjin headquarters with variety of professional equipment : advanced equipment such as seamless bonding equipment , 

experienced garment making and technical personnel , professional service customers , striving for excellence , 

and providing strong support for the development of the business .


We have our in-house designers and long - term cooperation 
outsourcing design companies to provide customers with dif-
ferent needs of design services. The designer has rich de-
sign experience, has the fashion trend view, with selects fab-
rics and accessories and design elements, understands and
uses the advanced production technology, to design for our 
customer the innovative and unique clothing products.


Our mission is mainly to provide superior products and services to meet the needs of customers, employees and suppliers.

 We are committed to forming a seamless connection with the brand so that it is always part of their choice.

 By emphasizing on systematic management, rigid quality control (QC) and cost control, 

we are confident that we provide our clients the best quality products with highly competitive price and on-time delivery.


With our dedication to high quality, our commitment to our customers, and our dedication to the business, 

we hope to gain outstanding achievements in the textile industry and offer our customers with differentiated, quality, creative and innovative products.

 The company is full of confidence in the future, not forgetting the successes from the past, hoping to open up newer and more innovative fields.


Our company has always been loyal to its values and strictly
enforced.These values give employees  the opportunity to
reach their full potential.In the  process of developing the

best products and  services on the market,Everything GMT

peopledo is always passionate because it is the only  way

to achieveexcellence.We will work hard  to achieve a

harmonious development of the  economy, society and

the environment.


GMT is aware of the added value that represents the experience and skills acquired throughout its history, 

sustained in a harmonious relationship between the customer, supplier, employees and society, and has established the following Quality guidelines.

In order to make quality and innovation a success factor for GMT and production results, management team defines its quality guidelines based on the following parameters: 

●   Gain competitive advantage by Improving organizational capabilities;
●   Reduce costs and lead times by using resources efficiently and effectively;
●   Through the management process to achieve the desired results;
●   Create value for both the company and stakeholders through the optimization of resources as well
     as flexibility and speed in joint responses;

●   Promote people's understanding of the company's goals and motivation, and make improvement

●   Comply with the requirements of the Quality and Innovation Management Systems and regulatory
     and legal requirements;

●   Promote knowledge management and increase new opportunities;
●   Encourage a culture of innovation, creativity and quality.



Our goal-is to work our best to serve every of our customers to provide products of consistent quality with competitive prices,

by reliable deliveries and through value-added services.Hope we can be your best partner!